Aluminum CNC Machining products

Products application:

1. Electronics appliances,like digital camara case, DVD/VCD case,MP3/4 case,  Coffe oven case, TV case, hair dryer, LED light case, air conditioner case, Rice cooker, Air conditioner, Induction cooker,  TV, Fan,shower etc

2. Medical devices,  like B-Ultrasound scanner case,  Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging case,  CT,  cosmetology handle,  Multi-frequency Transducers.

3. Transportation ,car lamp/light, car dashboard, car body part, auto metal parts , auto parts, motocycle parts

4. Kitchenware,Cookie molds, Utensil handle, Coffe glass prototype, Pizza cutter,Bowl with lids.

5. Game handle/controller and etc.Car model,Motorcycle model and so on; Hardware:Faucet,heatsinks, Head shower,bath equipment,Sanitary ware and so on;


 Material: Copper        Material: Aluminum         Material: Steel

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Please just send us 3D files of your project, tell us your specific requirement, then we will soon practise your idea to truth.we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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