We cut a metal sheet through intense laser beams to generate different shape or to fulfill different functions. The total procedure is done through a machine termed as CNC laser Cutting Machine, which runs on a CNC method in CNC machine shop. CNC is computer numerical control and most of the manufacturing machines run on this technology. CNC has brought a revolution in the industry through this application as various machines are based on this method.

In laser cutting procedure, a beam of high density light energy is focused through a tiny hole of nozzle and when this laser beam strikes the surface of work piece, the material of the work piece is vaporized.  CNC laser cutting process has become popular in the industry, owing to its capability of cutting simple to intricate designs accurately. This is the reason why it is used widely for many applications like architectural, aerospace, electronic, medical, automotive, power generation, biomedical, decorative, petrochemical and so on. Several products that are manufactured through plasma cutting procedure includes brackets, gaskets, cams and assorted mechanisms. The website www.emachineshop.com offers the best comprehensive details regarding the CNC laser cutting machine.

Laser cutting offer low cost for prototypes as physical tooling is not required. The heat distortion is very less and is restricted to 10% of material. This proves much effective in comparison to other sheet cutting procedure available in the market. The advantages provided by laser cutting include less of burrs, maintaining close tolerance, and can be performed on large range of materials. Laser cutting procedure works best on materials like stainless steel, carbon, nylon, wood, plywood, aluminum, polythene, derlin, acrylic and galvanized steel. It is difficult to cut metals like aluminium and copper alloys as they reflect laser light as well as absorb and conduct heat. . Unlike other sheet cutter technique, a software programming is also required to run the laser cutting machine and along with it operator check service needs to install to protect from error.

The material produced possesses a smooth edge and edge quality is usually very good for thin materials – around 1/16″ or less.  This procedure has helped the manufacturing sector immensely as variety of products can be made at the same time.  This has helped in the advancement of industry sector. Various CNC machine shops now also use CNC laser cutting machine for their production along with water jet cutting and CNC machines.

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