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CNC machine shops have become very popular nowadays as they have improved the automation industry through their significant features. There are a variety of machine shops available in the market that produce materials through different procedure like Laser Cutting, CNC Vacuum Forming, CNC Turning and CNC Water Jet Cutting. . The use of these procedures depends upon the type of material and its physical properties. For example, laser cutting works well on materials such as carbon and stainless steel, but are not effective on materials made of aluminium and copper alloys. So, other procedure needs to be applied for these material types. All these procedures run on software which is installed according to the procedure opted for material production.

CNC symbolizes computer numerical control required to run manufacturing machines. The CNC machines are run by programmed software and it possesses certain features like the operating structure and firm wires in CNC machine shop. Various shapes for different parts can be easily formed through CNC machine like pointed one, 2D or 3D shapes. These shapes can be formed on even stiff materials and this process also proves economical for making several pieces of similar dimension in one go. These manufacturing machines can be controlled with CNC software system. The CNC machining is of immense help for the mechanical industries as it can provide flexibility to manufacture machine parts of various intricate design and shape.

Previously, the traditional machines were not so advanced in producing the machinery part and they often faced the problem in designing intricate machine parts. But, when CNC came in to the field, the customized machine parts are produced with great precision with the help of the computer updated software system, which are installed to work in the CNC machine shop. NC technique hardware was the first to use CNC machines. In the year 1940 and 1950, a laboratory was opened with the collaboration of MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory by John. T. Parsons. With the launch of CNC machining, a drastic change has taken place in the mechanized and engineering commerce. Every work of the machinery is now performed through CNC machining in CNCmachine shop. The automation process in the engineering industry has improved a lot and the researches are going on to discover new applications and new vistas of CNC machining.

Some machines can produce one thousand pieces simultaneously and sometimes no operator or checking sensors are required. The movement of the machines depends totally on the software programming and sometimes they move in a perpendicular form or sometimes in a circular form.

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