Not long ago, Chongqing Machine Tool Group, “a modular high-speed, precision, large CNC gear hobbing machine” project, “modular high-speed, precision CNC rotary table” project to the professional group have the first results, in the “national long-term science and technology Development Plan, “16 key” high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, “reply, through the assessment.CNC Machine Tool two major national projects approved

Recently approved the project by the Ministry of Industry, the company will be the national total of 1,100 million allocated funding. At present, China’s machine tool industry after eight years of rapid growth, its development trend is undergoing the transformation from the quantitative to qualitative change. Machine tool enterprises have adopted technology, product structure adjustment, the change in business model means to promote industrial upgrading. At the same time, large-scale, precision, high-speed CNC machine tools and large aircraft projects, such as a moon landing project was included in the national revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry in 16 major projects. To seize this rare market opportunity, Chongqing Machine Tool Group decided to implement a “Large CNC machine tool industry, engineering gear.”

As an equipment manufacturer, Chongqing Machine Tool Group shoulder “Chinese equipment, equipment in China,” the major responsibility. In “The State Council on Promoting the Chongqing urban and rural reform and development of a number of opinions” on “the implementation strategy of industrial upgrading and speeding up the revitalization of old industrial bases and to build our country’s major modern manufacturing base” of the strategic plan, the Chongqing Machine Tool Group as an important enterprise in Chongqing, the actual situation in close connection with enterprises to earnestly implement the National Development 3 files, step up the work, and actively strive for national policies, speed up transformation and upgrading of innovation and products.

Due to the international financial crisis, the machine tool industry has been hit hard. In the face of difficulties, heavy machine did not back down, relying on the advantage in the industry and the “Long-term Scientific and Technological Development Plan” to support high-end CNC machine tools and features of development policies, heavy machine Liao Shaohua, general manager of major projects, led the team to declare the respondent in person , the policy advantages into development advantages. By the end of 2008, Chongqing Machine has taken the lead from the new central government invested 100 billion yuan in financial allocations received 16 million yuan, which indicates that Chongqing Machine Tool Group as a leader in the domestic gear machine tools, their development has been state support.

National Development paper No. 3 to “revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry, to support the development of Chongqing wind power equipment and rail transport facilities. Encourage the development of heavy castings and forgings, gear boxes, large diesel engine parts and other basic parts industry.” With the wind, the ship, construction machinery, metallurgical industry, the rapid development of large gear machine tool market is very strong demand. To this end, the heavy machinery in the first half of this year arranged a focus on the completion of large machine tools YA31200H hobbing machine, YD31125CNC6 large six-axis CNC hobbing machine modulus of production tasks. With the new large-scale six-axis CNC gear hobbing Y31320CNC6 the scheduled output of a successful test cut up to 2146mm diameter and modulus of M20, tooth width 650mm, 105 teeth of the gear teeth, on the one hand the file to meet the domestic machine tool market, the urgent need On the other hand, conform to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry of national development strategies, “Chinese equipment, equipment in China, to the world” to make its due contribution. Max gear diameter of more than 2000mm of heavy machine tool is a hurdle, not only the technology, production capacity on the ridge, and also the minds of successive heavy machinery on a hurdle. Crossed this bridge, heavy machine really stand on the major machine tool manufacturers of gear and gear tool with world-class manufacturer of same stage. It will record the history of heavy machine a gorgeous, as it fulfilled the heavy machine generations machining diameter of the dream to achieve a major breakthrough.

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