CNC Routers and CNC Router Machines Discounted by $1,000

If you’re tired of manufacturing products with hand tools, and tired of losing work to competitors who are under bidding you, Techno CNC wants to give you a $1,000 incentive to automate your cutting process. For a limited time only, Techno is offering a $1,000 discount on any router machine system purchased.

“Our customers have seen their businesses change dramatically with our machines,” says Roy Valentine, Techno CNC sales manager. “We know wood workers, sign makers, plastic fabricators, and fabricators in many other industries need to automate their cutting process. We want customers to choose our routers so have launched the time-limited discount to offer the best routers at the best prices.”

To learn more about the $1,000 Techno CNC discount and see a video of the Techno CNC router machines in action, please visit:

CNC Router, CNC Router Machine   Get a $1,000 Discount

For more than 23 years, the experts at Techno have led the industry in the design and manufacture of CNC routers; routers known for their performance, durability, and ease-of-use. Techno CNC routers allow customers to cut with greater accuracy, faster production speed, and expand their business into new markets by cutting parts they could not cut by hand. Techno continues to set industry standards.

“The accuracy is incredible on these machines,†said Techno CNC customer Tom Farmer, owner and CEO of Hilton, N.Y.-based Upstate CNC Service Inc. “If you want to do something the old way with a Jigsaw you can hope that you get a straight line or an accurate curve. But the Techno CNC machines are computer perfect. I can make 1,000 parts exactly the same. You couldn’t do that with a hand tool.”

The Pro-series CNC Router is designed to meet the demanding production needs of panel processing shops. This machine model is engineered for optimal performance and product throughput in sheet goods such as plastic, wood, and similar materials. The LC Series, Techno’s most popular model, is ideal for small to mid-size production shops. It’s an excellent entry-level machine that allows the user to start with a CNC Router featuring many advancements typically found in more expensive machines. In addition the LC Series has two Table top models available for small part processing.

The Patriot CNC is ideal for prototyping, model making, jewelry manufacturing, or schools for teaching CAD/CAM technology to students. The Patriot is fully enclosed and can be equipped with many accessories such as a reverse engineering digitizer an automatic tool changer, and 4-axis for intricate carvings.

“I’ve always been impressed by the quality of their American-made machines,” said Bob Barnes, another Techno CNC customer. “I’ve purchased seven machines from them over the years and that says it all!”

Whether you’re working with wood, plastic, or other routable materials, Techno has a CNC router for you. Isn’t it time for your business to lower labor costs, shorten lead times, and become more profitable? Call 516-328-3970 for more information or visit the following website to learn about the Techno CNC $1,000 discount visit:

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