All About Cnc Router Kit

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A CNC router kit is known to be a fabulous kit for the starters. It consists of all the necessary tools for building a CNC without any difficulty to be faced on the part of the builder. Here is what a standard kit consists of:


All About Cnc Router Kit

    • Two cam clamps


  • Fourteen solid carbide cutters



  • Toggle clamps



  • Hold down clamps



  • Eight pieces of Metric Allen Key set



  • Machine mounting plate in conjunction with hardware tray that mounts to any CNC router.



  • High end electronic components



  • Industrial quality printed circuit board



  • Serigraphy



  • Drilled solder mask



  • Parallel wires connection cables to PC



  • Hexagonal mountings



  • Connectors in order to build extension cables to motors



  • Identical stepper motors



  • 12V 4A power supply.



  • Software for the configuration of CNC



  • Transformer



  • Diodes electrolytic cap so as to construct your own power



  • Manual with step by step guide




There are also many benefits of using a CNC router kit. Here are some of these:



    • Shipping costs: Purchasing a CNC router kit will save you a lot of money on shipping costs.




    • Affordable: The CNC router kit is an absolute cost effective solution for anyone who desires to build a good CNC machine.




    • Less effort: The CNC router kit lets you put in less effort on drilling and tapping holes when building a CNC machine as compared to other kits. However, whatever efforts you make is worth it, as at the end of the day you will have a great product in your hand.



Here are some of the best features you can benefit from via purchasing a CNC router kit:



    • The kit is extremely easy to install as it comes with full instructions loaded. The whole kit can be easily installed within a few hours.


  • The best feature of a CNC router kit is modification is needed for the kit. You just need to use existing mount points for all the hardware.



  • The CNC router kit has par excellence free air transverse.



  • It is available with smooth and extremely efficient lead screws and ball nuts.



  • Since CNC router kit does not require any sort of modification redesigning or guess work, it is known to be a one-in-all end-to-end solution.



  • The kit comes with an intelligent controller microprocessor actually devised for safety and functionality.



  • All the necessary loom tubes and fittings are included in the kit.



  • Latest bearings will be available to you.



  • You would be benefited by varied software controller packages like TurboCNC, CNCPro, DanCAD etc.



  • The kit can be customized as per your requirement



  • Beneficial buffered PC parallel input



  • The kit include replacement bearings




The CNC router kit can be of great benefit for all those who want to build good quality CNC machines.

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