PEEK is a high performing material around the globe, and it can be used to replace stainless steel in most HPLC applications. Its product portfolio is the broadest range of polyaryletherketones on the market today. Today, Sinco-CNC announces custom precision PEEK products are available for the clients worldwide at affordable prices.

Sinco-CNC is a famous business that specializes in designing and creating high-tech engineering products for its clients around the world. Its custom precision PEEK products are specially designed to help people improve application performance, realize greater design freedom and achieve systems cost savings. They can be used in challenging environments, typical applications include telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, micro-electronics and more.’s custom precision PEEK products are made from premium quality PEEK material. Not only is the high performance polymer lightweight, but also heat-resistant and chemical-resistant. According to the CEO of the company, their custom precision PEEK products are especially suitable for electric and hybrid vehicles.

“Our products are standing out among many similar products for their stable quality. They are tough, strong, and rigid and come with superior creep resistance. They can help clients gain long-term reliability and cost savings, as well as improve part functionality.” The CEO states.

In addition, has announced it will attend the CES 2014. More details will be announced the marketing department of the company.

About Sinco-CNC
Founded in 2008, Sinco-CNC is a professional company in the fields of CNC precision products, offering a wide range of precision plastic products, precision copper products, precision aluminum products, precision steel products and more. Sinco-CNC started with a basic idea of helping its customers achieve better performance with its outstanding quality products and designs.

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