CNC machine is widely used in the custom machining,the price of CNC custom machining service is every machining engaged case,but also what’s the customer care about.

CNC custom machining costs mainly by depreciation, labor costs, material cost, power cost structure, etc.

–During CNC custom machining,CNC machine depreciation is a big part of the cost.
–Labor costs includes basic salary, overtime and other employee benefits expenses.

–Material costs,buy raw material such as steel bar,plastic plate,aluminium bar or plate,brass alloy,etc.The raw material also can be provided by customer.
–Consumable supplies cost is the variable cost,The main use is to supply tools and cutting fluid, etc.
–Electric power costs and energy is converted into energy, for example, to use compressed air in the processing,etc.

Do you care about the price of CNC custom machining service?
1.Machine Depreciation

In the production process, CNC milling machine is the necessary equipment for milling, milling and processing of products through an efficient, high-quality, high-volume and variety of features.But the price of CNC machine is high,So at MEI,when buying a CNC milling machine, we will consider whether the device is cost-optimal? Whether the device can meet the upgrade.

–For customers to provide equipment, means that the equipment is funded by the customer to the foundry business use only equipment for processing, reduce business expenses on the device.

–Use of idle equipment. Equipment for the idle process is a waste of resources, it is essential to integrate resources and extended product life cycle of the equipment.

–Establishment of equipment machining parameters database,this can save manpower in processing for the same product.

2.Consumables costs

CNC custom machining is mainly supplies the tool and cutting fluids,they are essential in the processing.

–Consider a variety of vendors.

For a number of suppliers cost control and supply chain management is very helpful, and in competition, suppliers can produce higher quality products and services.

–Tool repair after repeated use.

After the worn tool, stop to use,the tool can contact the manufacturer for tool repair, so not only can use the tool to reduce costs, but also improve the quality of the product.

–Reduce other losses.

CNC machining of high precision machining, so the stability of the equipment requirements for high quality products. So in order to ensure the normal use of CNC milling machines, to reduce the harm caused by friction, it needs additional supplies of milling machine for routine maintenance .

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