High Precision CNC EDM

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Having identified the need of the global customer of cost effective CNC EDM, Electronica developed ‘Smart CNC’ meeting customer requirements. The most significant feature is that unattended High Precision CNC EDMoperation during night and week end.
Smart CNC is medium size machine having travels X,Y,Z of 300, 200, 250 mm with 50Amp .S 50 CNC advanced pulse generator. The work tank size is 800 x 500 x 350 mm. It can produce surface finish better than 0. 29 Micron Ra and the lowest electrode wear is less than 0.2%.
The advanced intelligent CNC pulse generator offers ‘Definable erosion axis’ i. e. machining is possible in axis eliminating the need of change of set up. The CNC controller incorporates ‘PMAC’ (Programmable Multi Axis Control) technology. The orbiting cycles and vector machining can be performed in any plane such XY, XZ & YZ, gives unlimited machining possibilities. This gives the highest efficiency in single set up for most complicated profile machining. The programming is made very easy with built in utility software ‘GURU’
High Speed Jump increases machining efficiency for deep cavity machining. Adaptive Anti Arc and flushing control continuously monitors the gap condition and takes pulse to pulse corrective action eliminating the need of operator intervention. SAFE machining is another feature facilitates machining of small profiles without loosing the sharpness thus improving the electrode life. A typical example is machining of thin ribs.

Basic 2D Orbital Cycles – Circular, Polygon, Vector

3D Orbital Cycles – 3D Circular, 3D Vector, 3D Polygon

Advanced 3D Orbital Cycles – Spherical

CNC Applications – Linear array with 3D orbital cycles, PCD with 3D orbital cycles, Assorted with 3D orbital cycles, Horizontal Machining, Countouring, xyz machining, 3D Machining and Orbiting, Groove Machining, Circular Threading, Corner Sharpening

CNC Applications with Optional C Axis – Threading, Indexing, Rack Machining, Internal Threading, External Threading

High Precision CNC EDM

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