, one of the world’s leading manufactures and wholesalers of CNC lathe products, has recently published its new collection of high quality CNC PEEK parts; these products, all made in China, are of high quality and are specially designed for the German market.

The German market is famous for high quality standards for products and since-CNC wants to prove that its products are reliable and affordable. This company has also successfully expanded its overseas market in many European countries and all its products receive positive reviews from customers there. is a famous manufacturer of CNC lathe product, and it is well-known for its strict quality control in products. The high quality CNC PEEK parts from this company sticks to the reputation.

“The German customers tend to choose a supplier that provides 5 star service, and we have 100% confidence we can meet their requirements. Custom CNC PEEK parts are also available here at Sinco-CNC. We allow customers to set the attractive CNC PEEK parts for affordable prices, and are available in numerous designs.” The CEO of the company states.

He continues, “Our CNC parts can be applied in many industries like aeronautics, automotive and plastics industries. We are sure that German consumers will be pleased with our commitment to providing a wide range of high quality CNC PEEK parts. We hope we can have a complete successful marketing in the European market.”

About Sinco-CNC
After many expansions and over 8 years of continuous growth, Sinco-CNC has been a leading company in the fields of CNC precision products, offering a wide range of precision plastic products, precision copper products, precision aluminum products, precision steel products and more. Sinco-CNC started with a basic idea of helping its customers achieve better performance with its outstanding quality products and designs.

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