Here we would like to present an nstructions 0n Metal Milling Machine:
How much do you know about Metal Milling Machine

Tram the head before making any cuts. Place a dial indicator on the bottom of the spindle and place the tip on the work table. Lower the spindle ever so slightly to get a reading on the indicator.

Loosen the spindle angle bolts on the front or side in order to move the head so that it is perfectly perpendicular to the table. If the readings are off in the front and back, loosen the four front bolts on the head to tilt it front to back. If the readings are off to the left and right, loosen the three bolts on the right of the spindle head on the arm and make the proper adjustments.
Place a collet in the spindle and tighten it onto the draw bar by tightening the nut on the top of the spindle head. Hold the collet as you tighten the draw bar, but do not tighten all the way.Set a vise or fixture on the work table making sure that the table has been cleaned of all dirt and debris. Place the vise on the table in the center or close to it to make sure that your material is not past the spindle’s point of travel. Slide T-bolts in the table slots that are lined up with the divots on the vise or fixture. Hand tighten the bolts down on the vise or fixture.
Tram the vise or fixture to make sure it is straight. Place the tip of the dial indicator on the front of the vise and move the table along the X axis. Make whatever adjustments are necessary to make sure that the dial indicator does not move more than .001-inch across the 6-inches of the front of the vise or the width of the fixture.

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