How to Use a Lathe

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Lathe machines are tools that rotate metal or wood pieces underneath specially shaped bits.They can make the operations of tapering wood, cutting outlines and removing interior pieces much quicker and simpler than the work could ever be done by hand. Using a combination of rotation speeds, bit depths and feeding pressure, you can create more and more intricate cuts in your wood projects as you experiment with and then become more accustomed to the machine.
The lathe machine process involves the cutting of spinning material on a machine specifically designed to hold that material in place. It is a
process used in machine shops and wood shops around the world.

The two types of lathe machining involve the use of metals such as aluminum and steel and wood. Woodworkers use lathes to make table legs,
lamps and bats with simple hand tools. Machinists use manual and CNC lathes to cut metal parts that vary from
simple, single-tool operations to those that require 12 or more tool changes.

How to Use a Lathe


1.Squirt a drop of oil on all of the visible spinning parts of the lathe and let it slide down on its own before beginning your work.

2.Place a compass in the center of the wood and draw a circle that measures eight inches around to use for this practice session.

3.Place the wood beneath the bit at a point on the line that you have just drawn. Lock the bit down onto it by turning the chuck key in the
chuck collar until the bit is tightly positioned against the wood.

4.Put on the safety glasses and work gloves before continuing.

5.Get a good grip on the side of the wood block furthest from the bit before turning on the lathe’s power.

6.Turn on the machine, and use both hands to guide the block from the outer side and toward you under the bit to allow the metal to cut
through the guide line.

Lathe machines have allowed the accurate cutting of cylindrical parts with ease in both the metalworking and woodworking industries. With the ability to cut raw material as it is spinning, these industries save time in the parts making process over previously used methods.

A lathe machine and a skilled operator can save time on the creation of cylindrical parts and improve overall quality control. Whether you use manual or CNC lathes, the accuracy of dimensions will be much improved over those of handmade parts.

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