OEM CNC Steel Parts

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OEM CNC Steel Parts


     1 CNC Precision Machined Parts

     2 Precision cast Parts

     3 Forged Parts

     4 Precision mechanical parts

     5 Precision Shaft

     6 Precision mold inserts

     7 Metal die casting and stamping

     8 Precision plastic parts

     9 Precision turning pieces

    10 Mold making

    11 Metal Extrusion

    12 PEEK precision parts

    13 Aluminum precision parts

    14 Steel precision parts

    15 Copper cnc machined parts


1 Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless Steel etc.

2 Brass, bronze, aluminum, magnesium, Aluminum alloy, and zinc alloy etc.

3 Grey iron, ductile iron, cast iron etc.


5 organic glass, ceramic

V. New product development

1.Take concept to design, design to prototype, and/or prototype to low-volume or high-volume production

2. Quickly create CAD and Pro-E schematics, and work with you to optimize design

3. Improve your final product – material selection, functionality, design, and packaging

4. Create prototype for testing and further modifications

5. Ability to run small-volume or high-volume production

OEM CNC Steel Parts OEM CNC Steel Parts

OEM CNC Steel Parts OEM CNC Steel Parts

VI Please provide your drawing with details as below for us to machine.

1.Type of material and hardness needed.
2.Quantity of the product.
3.Part application.
4.The tolerances for the product.
5.Drawings, samples or pictures with details.
6.Target price if you have one.


Should you have any query,pls kindly contact our sales team (sinco-cnc@gmail.com)

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