Operate a Milling Machine Properly

1.Secure the workpiece tightly.
Since you often work with sharp metal and high RPM on a manual mill, make sure the material is never loose. Use a vise, or clamp your raw material to stop it from flying off the table and causing injury.

2.Always wear gloves when working with raw metal. When metal is cut on a milling machine, the edges are sharp and often need to be filed. Handling this sharp metal without gloves is dangerous and can cause serious injury. Eye protection is also essential to protect your vision from chips and coolant spray, as manual mills are not enclosed.

3.Keep gloves, hands or long hair away from the spinning tools. If anything catches in the spindle, serious injury may occur. Note the location of the stop button in order to cut power if something happens while you work with a manual milling machine.

4.Keep the milling machine doors closed when machining. Observe the process through the window of the machine. The window can absorb the impact from large chips or loose parts. Never override this feature.

5.Tighten all tooling in their respective tool holders. Loose tools can damage the machine and injure you. When a tool breaks, stop the machine immediately to change the tool, and redo the operation. If a tool breaks and does not cut, the next tool in line may crash, causing many problems.

6.Always wear gloves when working with CNC mills. Gloves protect you when you handle the raw and recently-cut material. Safety glasses or goggles are also necessary to protect your eyesight from hot metal chips during the cutting process, and when using compressed air to clean the machining area.

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